The UnFolding Series

A fantasy fiction tale of adventure and intrigue


the first e-book of The UnFolding Series

Arrival - Prequel to the Unfolding Trilogy

(The UnFolding Series Book 1 of 14)

a novelette

Almiralyn, the new Guardian of Myrrh, arrives on the last piece of Old Earth with a dual goal: to secure the land and the objects the Galactic Guardians have placed in her care. With luck, she will have completed the task before her enemies in the Mocendi League discover her whereabouts.

The UnFolding Series

A fantasy fiction tale of adventure and intrigue, follows a group of diverse characters on a quest to save the last remnant of Old Earth and to help bring balance to their home planets. Traveling through time and dimension, young and old combine wits and magic to thwart the diabolical plot of those determined to conquer and enslave the unique populations that inhabit the Inner Universe.

The UnFolding Series is told in three novels and eleven companion shorts (ten novelettes and one novella) and is available both in print and for popular e-book readers.


The UnFolding Series Book 2, Illustrated edition, a novel               

The DiMensioner, Seyes Nomed, a covert visitor on Myrrh, is back in the land from which its Guardian, Almiralyn, banished him as a child. Only her death, the destruction of her land, and acquisition of Evolsefil, the powerful crystal heart of Myrrh, will satisfy his lust for revenge.

The UnFolding Series Book 7, illustrated edition, a novel               

Esán Efre, kidnapped by the DiMensioner Seyes Nomed, emerges from the portal in Myrrh onto the planet of DerTah, where fire ConDras roam the Desert of Fera Finnero and the man with two faces resides. On Myrrh, his friends hatch a plan to come to his rescue. Will they make it in time, or will soldiers from the planet of RewFaar intercept them before they can help?

The UnFolding Series Book 13, illustrated edition, a novel              

The Unfolding races toward its climax. Intermingled within its currents, The MasTer of the Mocendi League intensifies the galactic drama: Torgin’s mother is kidnapped; an injured Karrew falls into enemy hands; and Wolloh, the High DiMensioner od DerTah, lays in an unconscious stupor. Can Esán and his friends escape not only the Mindeco from RewFaar, but the Mocendi DiMensioners and their Astican in order help?

The UnFolding Series Books 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, & 14, illustrated edition

A collection of Companion Shorts that accompany the Unfolding Trilogy. Ten novelettes and one novella that can be read intertwined with the three novels.

Meet the Author

As a youth living in Bermuda, my love of reading pulled me into epic fantasy and science fiction adventures.

But first I expressed my creativity through dance. A career evolved spanning four decades in performing, teaching, choreographing, and directing.

I retired from the world of dance and now choreograph words on my computer screen. Drawn back to the beauty and dreams of epic fantasy, my imagined worlds and characters are a bit different than most . . . always with more than meets the mind on first reading.

Today I live on a boat cruising the waters of Southeast Alaska and spend my time surrounded by nature while writing, photographing, and creating digital art (and catching dinner too!)