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Sailing Vessel Lightfoot

For Sale

(to a qualified buyer only)


Sitka, Alaska, USA

Tom Krantz

sv.lightfoot (at) gmail (dot) com


August 30, 2017, 


Sept 1, 19; Oct 6; Nov 10



hull # 33

USCG Document number 510608

A blue water 30-foot double-ender fiberglass sloop built at the

Royal System Yacht Yard, Randers, Denmark in 1967

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Designed by Aage Utzon (1885-1970) who was known for his wooden double-enders (spidsgatter). The Sagitta-30 was the first fiberglass (FRP) boat he designed. It was over-built with a thicker hull than seen in today's boats. Some think they were unsure of the new-fangled fiberglass material and made it extra thick to be safe. This was also before the era of rushed fiberglass manufacturing that produced blister problem. The result is an impressively strong and enduring hull. Other innovations included using synthetic sandwich material in the deck for strength and insulation.

Approximately 40 Sagitta-30's were built in Denmark between 1965 and 1967. Later, hulls were sold with other yards finishing the craft.

The Sagitta-30 was known for its seaworthiness. There were reports of Sagitta-30s sailing around the world (see 'interesting reads' below)

As a side note, Aage's son, Jorn Utzon (1918-2008), became an architect and designed the opera house in Sydney, Australia.


History of S/V Lightfoot

I put together the following information about S/V Lightfoot from talking to former owners, web research and reviewing receipts and documents found onboard.

She was built in Denmark in 1967. Early in her life she was in San Diego, California where she was raced. The line of Utzon's boats had done well as recreational racers so this is not a surprise. Other racing evidence includes Lightfoot having running gear heavier than other Sagitta-30's I have seen and she came with a full sail set from a full spinnaker on down (some made in San Diego as well as Washington state and original Dacron).

She then was in Juneau, Alaska. In Juneau she was sold to a person in Wrangell, Alaska. Selling price was a reported $40,000. The Wrangell owner lived aboard her.

The owner in Wrangell died and the boat was passed on to a school teacher. She brought it to Sitka, Alaska where she lived aboard, mostly in harbor. Her plans were to sail the Pacific but decided to get a bit bigger boat for her and her husband, dog, and parrot.

In 2003 I bought Lightfoot from the school teacher. I paid $22,000 and lived aboard, having a slip in harbor that was a three minute walk to work. (The former owner did indeed sail away on a different boat and ended up selling that boat in Australia.) On weekends and vacations I sailed her around Southeast Alaska.

In 2010 I found myself retired and with a new partner. We decided to get a bigger boat with more creature comforts. We are now on this bigger power boat and spend our summers mostly at anchor while she writes fiction. That was the start of my no longer actively using Lightfoot. She now awaits her new owner to take her out of port, hopefully sailing around the world like she is capable of doing!

Hence the reference to "Qualified Buyer" at the start of this post. If you are interested in getting a boat to live in harbor on, you need not apply, Lightfoot is not offered to you. (Living on a boat in Sitka harbor is a good idea in and of itself, Sitka has the 12,093 slips - which is rumored to be the largest small boat harbor on the US west coast - and this is a beautiful place to be. You are sure to find some cheap old "dock queen" to live on.)

Now with a heavy heart I have overcome my resistance and am willing to pass Lightfoot on to the next person. One that will take her on some far reaching adventures (and send pictures of the adventures.)


Interesting Reading


Classic Yacht Information

Penelope's travels (hull #40) - including blog when crossing the Atlantic and circumnavigating, over 32,000 nm sailed

Travels of Distant Star

   - from Pacific Islands Monthly, February 1982, page 55

   - from Cruising World, May 1982, page 139

Lloyd's 100 A1 Certificate. I found a couple references to the hull being certified. So far I have not found verifiable information. Here is one discussion that includes Lloyd's.

Saggita-30's For Sale and Sold

August 2017, Denmark, 25,460 euros ($30,287)

2014/15, Sitka, AK $47,000

April 2014, Texas, $27,000-$18,500

   - You Tube of this boat

February 2014, Washington, $10,950

August 1995, Honolulu $35,000 Cruising World Magazine


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