As a youth living in Bermuda, I fell in love with epic fantasy and science fiction adventures. But first I expressed my creativity through dance. My career spanned several decades of performing, teaching, choreographing, and directing, including Director of Dance at Interlochen Center for the Arts. I created complex, layered fantasy stories on stage, bringing to life over sixty original choreographic works with up to ninety dancers.

Since retiring from the world of dance, I create new, intriguing stories in the written form. Drawn from the beauty and dreams of fantasy, my imagined worlds and characters are a bit different than most . . . always with more than meets the mind on first reading.

In 2010, I escaped to live on a boat and cruise the waters of Southeast Alaska. Anchored in one remote, quiet cove or another, cut off from cell phones and the internet and surrounded by nature, I spend my life writing, photographing, creating digital art, and catching dinner too!

S.K. Randolph


S.K. Randolph was born in the US. When she was ten years old her artistic family moved to Bermuda. She enjoyed her youth in a household of painters, costume designers, dancers, potters, and singers who all loved to read. The history of great authors including Mark Twain and Frances Hodgson Burnett having stayed in the hotel where S.K. performed added to the enjoyment of reading. A rumor that the book "The Secret Garden" was about a garden in Bermuda sent her seeking her own secret garden to hide within and write.

But writing was put aside as a university education in dance followed by a career in that art form for over four decades took control of her life. Performing, teaching and directing took her throughout the United States and Canada. Her passion for creating stories was funneled into the story telling art of choreography. She created over sixty original ballets that earned her praise and awards. Fortunes led her to directing the dance program at the prestigious boarding school, Interlochen Center for the Arts in Interlochen, Michigan. For over twenty years schools provided her a forum to continue her choreographic creations with a ready corps of dancers. She now watches with great pride and pleasure the expanding successes of her many former students.

She was known for her intricate ballets with complex layering of stories told by up to ninety performers. Polished to perfection these performances were often compared to those of professional companies. But the urge to write, to place her stories in print grew stronger.

She escaped each year to write. During summer vacations she would seek a secluded sanctuary with her lover. On a sailboat in far away Alaska hidden in a secret cove visited only by wild creatures of the air, land, and sea S.K. wrote. It was here that DiMensioner’s Revenge; a story that had as it’s seed a vision of a child playing in the streets of New York City and first captured in 2003 on a few pages of text created at a writers circle in Michigan, began to grow.

And grow it did. A few years later she left behind working for others to work even harder, and longer, and with great joy at writing. A new boat, but the same captain, and days unending in the most glorious land of ocean, mountains, creatures and solitude the story evolved from a few pages to over seven hundred thousand words embodied in four novels and eleven companion shorts. 

Today S.K. is in one secluded Alexander Archipelago cove or another exercising her passion for detailed and complexly layered stories. Driven by a personal demand for quality she learns and relearns the art of writing. As it was in dance, she sees perfection as an ever changing pursuit. For a break from the keyboard she picks up her camera and captures images that often end up on her Facebook page and in her books; the covers and all illustrations in her books are created by her.

She is also quite good at putting food on the galley table, seldom failing to catch her favorite fish. A typical evenings meal is rockfish that less than an hour prior was swimming below, fine wine, serenades by bald eagles and ravens, and brown bears performing a weighted chassé along the shoreline . . . while the boat quietly swings majestically at anchor caressed by the wind and tide.