Feeding Whales

The commercial fishing boats are returning. The energy on the dock returns to its vibrant state as they arrive one after another. At first a boat has little impact on the energy, everyone on board is beat, bone tired after days and nights harvesting the ocean. Then they recover and get to work cleaning, repairing and preparing the boat for the next trip. The good news is the weather had been kind with calm seas. The bad news is their catch had been stolen. The wily sperm whales waited until the catch was being pulled up from the deep bottom loaded with fish on hundreds of hooks along the line. The whales moved in and neatly plucked the fish off the hooks, one after another. There is little the fishers' can do, the whales are protected and may not be harmed, even annoying them is illegal. (Healthy swearing at them is allowed, especially when they surface near the boat and 'gloat' at the captain.) All reported serious loss of fish, one boat talked of only bringing two fish aboard. Getting to know these people is a privilege.

S.K. Randolph

Fantisy Fiction author.