Back from the cove.

At last . . . anchored in our favorite quiet cove with no other humans around.

We rounded Leaning Tree Point and gazed the length of our favorite place to be. By the mouth of the creek at the end of a cove, a brown bear stood up on its hind legs, it penetrating gaze fixed on Finback. We must not feel threatening to him since it dropped to all fours and kept munching grass. When the anchor was set and we checked him out, we could see that he was a male at the end of adolescence with a pretty good-sized hump on his back, a sign that he is on his way to being a BIG adult! Tom named him Bud.

During our first afternoon, a silver seal swam by, an eagle winged its way overhead, and a small doe made a quick entrance onto the beach. Small fish jumping indicated bigger creatures . . . fish, seals, etc. giving chase.

Day two brought a heron that flew from one side of the cove to the other, landed, and began feasting on small sea creatures. Again, our favorite seal stopped by to check on us and to feast on small fish.

Day three brought the heron back for more, the seal into the cove for lunch, and two small dolphins to feed off the bow. An eagle landed on the beach and began a search for treats. Patches of tan and white announce the presence of several deer at different times of the day. And at dusk, Bud returned to munch and lay in the wet grass.

It has been rainy and cool, which means of course that clouds creep over the mountains and meander like ghost through the forest. Often, they will gather around a group of trees reminding me of the towns on hilltops in Sicily. My imagination kicks into gear. Tree tops become turrets and mist becomes the smoke of battle. I wonder what creatures live there and who’s winning the war.

Day Four was a quiet animal day . . . a bit more sun. Tom saw a small dolphin early. Our friendly seal stopped by but wouldn’t hang out for pictures.

Day Five seven deer paraded their little white tails at different times of the day. A couple of weasels searched the tide line for goodies. And heron fished by the Weeping Tree (a tall straggly evergreen that presides over the cove). Two dolphins made the rounds closely followed by our seal. Small silver fish jumped, trying to avoid being a larger fish’s dinner. Bud came out to bid us a good night. A day filled with animal moments. What a gift.

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S.K. Randolph

Fantisy Fiction author.